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Home Based Small Business – Top Six Myths Uncovered

Posted on November 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

As a home based business entrepreneur one of the tasks that I frequently engage in is talking to people who are curious about starting a home based business. I have spent many hours and dollars creating systems to help the percentage of these people go down. What I have found is that people who are curious about starting a home based business specifically are filled with false assumptions.

Over the course of the last six months or so I have kept track of some of the ideas or myths people hold on to with regard to their beliefs about home based business or making money online. In the beginning, these attitudes frustrated me and I was basically confused. I now have a better understanding where these assumptions come from and no longer do uniformed individuals bother me in the course of my business day. I have learned to approach these people with a much more understanding attitude and now enjoy a more productive work experience.

When we visit a website or better yet lets say we want to buy a pair of green wool sock on a popular auction site. When we arrive at the site we find it easy to navigate and we are presented with a number of options that are legitimate choices for us. During our visit we don’t think about all the work that went into putting together the web pages, graphics, the links, the keywords, the money back guarantees, the secure check out methods or shipping process. We get our green wool socks and go on about our merry day.

I thought it would be productive to list a few myths or false assumptions people seem to hold as the take a stroll on the cyber streets of the internet.

Myth Number One: I personally operate a home based business and part of my daily activity is calling people back who have requested me to do so the previous day. I have notice that people feel uneasy almost to the point of acting as though the call was not invited. People who are curious about starting a home based business seem to feel that they can easily be taken advantage of. This myth I believe goes something like this. I don’t know everything about the internet and this person does. I could be taken advantage of because of this. Having a conversation is having a conversation. When a person is curious about buying tires for their car they don’t leave a message with the tire place and then when they call back feel like they are about to be duped. You don’t need to feel this way online either.

Myth Number Two: For some reason many people I speak with, although well informed before I even speak with them, believe online business is easy. Business is not easy. Online business is business, therefore online business is not easy. Online business and especially well put together home based business opportunities are simple but not easy. Home based business models typically systematize various tasks like shipping and ordering, and product creation, and marketing plans. The entrepreneurs basic function is leadership and communication along with sales and problem solving.

Myth Number Three: Earning a Six figure a year income with a home based business model is too good to be true. Individuals with no prior business experience can sometimes buy into this myth as well. With a little further investigation these people would learn how home based entrepreneurs actually achieved these results. When they do this they will understand that six figure or multiple six figure per year income is common in the home based industry, however the people who achieve this mark work hard and smart to achieve it. I think myth number two and three are related. People who think a home based business is easy find it hard to believe you can earn six figures per year.

Myth Number Four: I have ran across individuals who believe that since they are working with Bob and Bob is a millionaire I will be a millionaire. Not so much. If your current financial situation is going to change I am going to bet that, at the end of the day, you will be the one to change it. While you may be motivated and inspired by Bob you will find that Bob will not be the person who creates your results you will.

Myth Number Five: Many times I have found that people lump all home based businesses into one. I think this is particularly odd. I have research a couple dozen home based business ideas and personally never found two that were all that similar. Every business online is different just like every business on the main street of your home town is different. The one you choose will have a difference whether you are successful or not. Have you ever pulled into a quick lube for an oil change and found an elderly woman sitting there in her favorite chair knitting as she welcomed you into her business. Probably not. Make sure the business you are considering starting holds your interest. Starting a business simply to make money is asking for failure.

Myth Number Six: Another school of thought that I have run across is that only the first people or the top people will ever make any money in a business. If the business is not MLM then It likely makes no difference when you get involved. Not everyone has success because not everyone does the required action to have success. This is no different in the home based business industry. The people who have success in any endeavor are the people who make the decision to have success then follow through with the required activity. Go find the most successful people in the business ask them what they did then do what they did and see what happens.

There you have it. These are a few of the myths that I have encountered with people who are out looking for something different. There are many top performing individuals out there in the rat race who put in sixty or seventy hours a week to earn 60 or 70 thousand dollars per year. While they are out doing this they are missing out on family and friends and doing the things they love. Sacrifice is a funny thing and top performers always seem willing to make the sacrifice. Home based business is an industry that serves as a platform for these top performers to claim their lives back. They can earn more work less and add more value.