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Prove Headlines to Get Your Business Soaring High

Posted on November 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

Have you ever written a fantastic email only to receive an unsatisfactory response?

Are you still scratching your head about why your email has excellent benefits but produce little response?

From where you are coming I understand. Early on I had a problem with sending out an email, I thought, had vast potential; only later realizing, it was terrible. After a few trial and error months, I went back to the drawing board. I looked over the email I was sending out, and I found something so obvious to me now. So don’t get discouraged because I have cracked the code for you.

Many network marketers out there will say never include benefits in your headline. They argue that imposing curiosity almost never works. I, however, would have to disagree. Having curious prospects is what gets them to open your email. While I urge curiosity, there is a right and wrong way of going about it. Your headlines to your email don’t need to carry a curious feel all the time. They need, also contain, a well balance of benefits.

I want to share with you some examples of headlines that have worked for me. These headlines have proven themselves over and over.

In no order at all here are my best headlines I used in my email.

• 3 quick tips

• (Insert contacts name) you have to check this out!

• (Insert activity) secrets they don’t want you to know (such activities on network marketing or lead generation)

• Do you want to end up like this guy?

• The ONLY reasons your prospects will ever join your down line!

• The truth about your bank account

Notice how each headline strikes curiosity. It brings you in and you want to know more about what I have to say. What’s also fun about these headlines is you can implement any benefit or product in each one. Before you take these headlines and put them to use, I want to explain one other crucial element in your soon to be phenomenal email.

Through reading and constantly wanting to improve my techniques, I have come across a rule I use every time in order to get the best results when writing my email.

It’s a 3 step guideline that, if you want positive results, implanted these headlines before you send-off another email.

1. You must need to set yourself apart from all other junk email that is sitting in your prospects inbox.

2. Don’t always use benefit and curious headlines. If each headline, contains these two elements your prospect will soon become numb to what you are trying to be passionate about doing. When you know you have something they need you can use a dull headline. Save those successful headlines for when you need your prospects response to your email.

3. Always at some point you need to strike your prospect with curiosity. What I mean is you don’t have to have it, consistently, in your headline but after every email that they read they must want more. This way you know they will open the next email because, to them, their left hanging.

I know its short but; there you have it! These are 3 basic guidelines to follow that have proven to create massive results.

So start using them in your next email. The response you get will be shocking. You can customize them to whatever you need and feel assured they will provide the result you are searching for.

How to Become a Home Business Gold Miner

Posted on November 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

Wouldn’t it be great to have a home business and never have to talk to anyone? How about being able to just sign up, pay whatever it costs to start your business then sit back and watch the money roll in?

Imagine sitting on a beach somewhere in a chaise lounge, drinking Margaritas or whatever your favorite drink may be…or snuggling in a comfy chair in a mountain cabin, sipping wine in front of a fireplace, listening to the warm fire crackling, knowing your checks are being sent directly to your bank and all you have to do is spend the money on whatever your heart desires.

Okay, great fantasy, now let’s get real. There is NO such business. No where, it’s not going to happen. Get over it.

Now here’s the good news. If you start a home business, work smart and use every tool available you may be able to live your dreams. You can be sitting on a beautiful beach or relaxing in a cabin in the woods and have the money from your home business sent directly to your bank.

But first you’ll need to decide to start a business and do whatever it takes to make that business a success. It’s going to take time and effort. Only you can judge for yourself exactly what you’re willing to do to get what you want.

The first and most important thing is people. It takes people to build your business. You need to find those people to make your business grow and help them build businesses of their own.

You don’t want just “any” people. You want people that are motivated. These people are motivated to improve their lives. They want to increase their income and build financial security for themselves and their families. They are people with dreams and goals. Motivated people are probably 20% of the people you’ll meet.

The next type of person you’ll run into is what we call “curious.” They’re curious about the things you tell them and might even be curious about your services or products. Many curious people may end up being customers in your business. Curious people are in the 30% range of folks you encounter along the way.

Next are the ones you need to let go of and allow them to remain where they are in life. Literally 50% of people could care less about changing their lives or growing or changing in any way. They think they’re fine just as they are. More than likely they won’t even listen to what you have to say. For the sake of your sanity and your business, just pass them by. They might buy your products but probably not. One of these days they may decide whatever they’re doing is not working but you don’t have time to wait for them.

“Eureka, you’ve found them!” When you find someone who is ready, motivated and willing to listen, you’ve found your vein of gold. The person you want is positive, eager to learn and is definitely in the money-making time in their lives.

Think about this. They are waiting for YOU! They are looking for someone who can give them what they want. Instead of wasting your time with the 50% of people that plain don’t care and will test your patience and wear you out….go for the gold and find those that want what you want.

In order to maximize your efforts with each new Associate in your business you’re going to have to learn to be a “Gold Miner.”

Great, you have a new recruit! Now get down to business. Who do they know? Who do THEY know, who do THEY know and who do THEY know and on and on. Use the memory jogger that follows this section and go as deep as you can with each new person each new person brings into the business. To find the biggest “Gold Nugget” in the mine you may have to go 2-3 generations deep.

Make it a game to see who strikes gold first. Challenge each and every new person to find the prize before you do. The more you talk to people the more gold nuggets you’ll discover.

Not everyone is going to come into your business and out of the ones that do, many will drop out. That’s just the nature of the beast.

That phrase and attitude should be your Mantra, your Battle Cry or whatever you chose to call it. How about “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince….or Princess?” It’s the same thing. It’s just going to take communicating with lots and lots of people to find the group of people that will be your core group of like-minded, money and success motivated Team members.


Curiosity and How it Affects Your Business Proposition

Posted on October 30, 2018 in Uncategorized

The first 15 seconds of your approach are the most important seconds of your entire sales presentation. You must instill curiosity in the mind of your prospect. It is a form of interest. As people, we are curious by nature. Curiosity wants to be informed. This state of mind is just where you want your prospect to be in at the beginning of your sales talk.

The approach includes everything that takes place from the time the salesman meets the prospect until the salesman begins their first selling talk, or until the salesman enters the second phase of selling, which is interest.

At this point the prospect has not been told much about your proposition. This is your chance to make them curious enough to want to know more.

Curiosity can be aroused in a person in many ways.

You walk into a department store to find people crowded around a table looking at something. Out of curiosity you go over to the table to see what they are looking at. It’s a new model of DVD player. If you’re interested in a new DVD player you will want to know all about how this one works. If it does everything you want in a DVD player this may stimulate the desire in you to want to own it, thereby, leading you to make the decision to take the necessary actions to buy it.

Your potential customer is no different than you in this regard.

Or you see someone looking down the street. Out of curiosity you began looking down the street too to see just what has captured their attention.

A stranger comes up to you on a sidewalk. Two questions immediately come to mind. “Who is he?” “What does he want?”

A salesman telephones the manager of a store and tells them they have a brand new product that is being introduced in the area. Of course the details are far too many to go over on the telephone, so the salesman makes an appointment to demonstrate the item to the manager. The manager is automatically curious about just what this gizmo is and how it works. The first step of the selling process has already started in the mind of the store manager.

You see a man run out of a bank holding two giant moneybags and jump into a car and speed away. Soon after, you hear a police siren. You are not curious about why the police is chasing behind the car, but you may be interested in the outcome. We are not curious about things we already know and understand.

Without curiosity you cannot get the prospect interested in your proposition. Without interest, the prospect will not care anything about your claims. If you cannot convince your prospect that they will benefit from your offer, you cannot create the desire in them to want to own it. You will not be able to get the prospect to make a buying decision and take action.

It is also important for you to implant a favorable personal impression of you in your prospect’s mind because even if your prospect is curious about your proposition, they will have little or no interest in having that curiosity satisfied by you, if they are repulsed by your behavior. On the other hand, if you present yourself in a favorable manner, it will strengthen the curiosity for your proposal and open the door to interest.

You must pay close attention to your prospect after getting the prospect curious about your proposition. When you have piqued the curiosity of the prospect, don’t continue along this line for an extended period of time. You will exhaust the prospect’s curiosity and the first stage of the selling process will fall flat and it will have to be started all over again. After creating curiosity in the prospect’s mind, you should move on to the rest of the stages of the principles of the selling process.

Just remember, the first 15 seconds of your approach, that of creating curiosity in the prospect’s mind, are the most important. If this is not established the rest of your sales talk will be meaningless. So you can see the necessity of making a good strong opening statement, thereby getting the prospect curious about your proposition, so they will want to know more about your offer. It is also important to leave a favorable personal impression in your prospects mind.